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Language&Tech:Visual Basic (VBA) in AutoCAD

Purpose:Automatization of formwork drawing process

Oplatex is an AutoCAD plug-in made in VBA. It exposes a variety of command patterns designed to optimize the formwork drafting process.


By using Oplatex, an engineer can easily create various detail sections based on 2D drawings. In the world of BIM modeling, this approach still has its purpose. It bypasses the 3D model creation, which can be cost-ineffective in case the model won’t be used further.

The application uses AutoCAD API to provide functionality such as creating annotations, layer manipulation or automated stairs section drawings. The most advanced feature is the one that provides geometry control. Since it is common for large drawings to have a certain amount of geometry imperfections, Oplatex contains an algorithm for finding slight geometry discordances between line and shape coordinates. The geometry control module can either mark those discordances or try to fix them.

The amount of drafting time Oplatex can save is considerable. Drawing shown behind its interface was almost completely made using Oplatex functionality.

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