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Dusan Biocanin Structural software developer


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Name:Dusan Biocanin
Date of birth:22/06/1986
Place of birth:Kraljevo, Serbia
Residence:Belgrade, Serbia
Current Job:Software Developer
working at: IDEA StatiCa

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering - University of Belgrade
    • Master of Science in Structural Engineering
    • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering
  • Grammar School "Vuk Karadzic" - Trstenik
    • Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department
  • The Regional Center for Young Talents - Kraljevo
    • Department of Physics & Programming
  • Music High School "Stevan Mokranjac" - Kraljevo
    • Piano department
  • Elementary Music School "Stevan Hristic" - Trstenik
    • Accordion department

I have finished elementary and grammar school in my hometown. In the meantime, I have attended elementary music school as an accordionist. During that period I spent a lot of time in Regional center for young talents. Projects in that organization were my first concrete steps in physics and programming. Dilemma whether to follow artistic or technical path was resolved when I entered Civil engineering faculty in University of Belgrade. However, I didn’t give up on music - I attended music high school during my studies.

  • English (B2 level)
  • Norwegian (B1 level)
  • Russian (A1 level)

I started taking English courses very early and became reasonably good in English by high school graduation. Multiple stays abroad were helpful, but giving private lessons in civil engineering to foreign students made me proficient enough. Although I have been learning a little Russian, the Norwegian is the next language I have dedicated my time to. I have been learning it for almost two years, taking both courses and private lessons.

  • 2nd prize at the International accordion competition "Dani Harmonike" in Smederevo
  • Previous Member of Folklore Ensemble "Abrasevic" in Vrnjacka Banja
  • Member of Cabaret Ensemble "New Geography"

Music is more than a hobby to me. I started playing accordion when I was eight and after a few years of practice I was able to properly express myself artistically. I’ve been playing and composing ever since. At first, I performed by myself and as a member of a folklore club. During that time I won a prize in the International classical music accordion contest in Smederevo. Later on, during studies, I moved to piano in the music high school in Kraljevo. Since that I had many appearances with cabaret group “New Geography”. Several years ago I have started learning jazz.

I have played basketball for several years in a local basketball club in my hometown. I enjoyed myself even more when I moved to judo. I was mesmerized with martial art philosophy and its affect on self-discipline. Later I discovered orienteering as amateur ranger in Nation park “Kopaonik”. I have spent numerous weekends in nature parks are became a real hiking lover. Nowadays I practice swimming and play chess a lot.

My main professional goal is accomplishing myself in engineering and arts. I enjoy the benefits current technology provides very much, which is why I would like to go further in FEM analysis and BIM programming. My dream is moving boundaries in applied programming in physics. My dream is moving boundaries in applied programming in physics. I would also enjoy making a jazz album based on folk motifs from my region.