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Dusan Biocanin Structural software developer


Language&Tech:C#, Javascript, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, ThreeJs, EF Core

Purpose:Construction work-front optimization

SiteFrontier is an ASP.NET MVC web application. It was designed for a client working in the construction industry and with the intention of optimizing specific workflow processes. Bussines layer contains the most complicated part of the application - a functional calculation based on a combinatorics mathematical model.


UI was designed in the form of SPA, with partial views loaded in several tab containers. The overall presentation was done using IFC preprocessors and ThreeJs. IFC input files are converted to Collada and Obj formats via external processes and then fed into the ThreeJs loader. Additional information about the construction elements is parsed from IFC data and persisted in a database.

The data access layer has been done both in ADO.NET and EF Core for performance testing purposes. The most interesting part of the design lies in the communication between the backend code and ThreeJs API. This linkage was done via extensive usage od script injection available in Razor pages.

By using ThreeJs controls API enriched with JS-based pop-ups and custom chart sections, UX was vastly improved. The user can easily manipulate the model and handle both onsite structural data and construction storage elements. Main business calculation results can be persisted in the database and exported in via custom PDF generator. At the moment, SiteFrontier is being tested in the production environment with promising results.

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