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Dusan Biocanin Structural software developer


Language&Tech:C#, WinForms

Purpose:Calculation of slab punching resistance

This application was coded in WinForms framework via C#. It was designed so engineers can get better data insight in Eurocode punching calculations. I have tried to outperform industry standard applications of this type which are mostly based on consequential adjustments of data input until dimensioning norms are satisfied.


DBPunch is based on the idea of constant input-output data binding. Users can then change UI parameters one by one end examine the results instantaneously. But DBPunch offers more than that. Engineers can keep track of all previous calculations. This is a milestone in the dimensioning process since DBPunch allows you to see how variations of a specific parameter affect your design. DBPunch not only enabled me to perform slab dimensioning faster and with more precision, but it also helped me learn the impact of each specific parameter.

One of the best features of DBPunch is the generic “Approach” method. It allows the user to gradually reach design limit states. In cases where the design is not satisfying, the user can start an iterative process in which the punching force gradually increases or decreases until the appropriate limit state is established. This allows a bilateral design process in which engineers can either check a specific design case or examine the structural model knowing the slab punching bearing capacity.

DBPunch provides a comfortable environment for otherwise tedious calculations. An engineer can enjoy and learn the dimensioning process rather than being a common software operator. Taking in consideration present-day computing possibilities, responsive calculation design like this can be achieved in many other dimensioning problems.

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