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Dusan Biocanin Structural software developer


Language&Tech:Visual Basic (VBA) in Excel

Purpose:Beam & Slab dimensioning

BASA is a VBA in Excel application designed to accelerate beam and slab dimensioning by eliminating repetitiveness. Application automates two dimensioning methods that almost completely cover this design category.

In the first module, a user is required to enter cross-section forces, section dimensions, and material properties. Calculation results in all the information needed for dimensioning. However, the most practical are the ones listed in the reinforcement table. The engineer is presented with all reinforcement sets that satisfy dimensioning restrictions and can quickly choose appropriate set or repeat the calculation with adjusted parameters.

The second application module covers doubly reinforced elements and their limit bending bearing capacity. The user defines bar positions in tubular form and normal force if one exists in the section. The code is based on an iterative algorithm that results in the limit moment and possible distribution defined by Eurocode.

BASA proved itself very useful on a daily basis. It shifted focus from iterative section checking into the selection of the most suitable reinforced section from available ones. It is interesting how this application transforms tedious calculations into a nearly effortless design.

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