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Dusan Biocanin Structural Software Developer

Residental complex "Slava"

Assignments: Structural & dynamic analysis, formwork drawings

Residential complex "Slava" consists of eight buildings resting on two separate undergrounds. Considering different purposes of the buildings and their underground, many design issues were expected to occur.


Location: 8 Leningradskiy prospekt, Moscow
Number of levels:2+18
Construction design: "MB-Project Bureau"
Design stage: "Design Drawings"
Architectural design: Architectural workshop “SPeeCH”
Total area:457 000 m2
Investor: "VTB Project Management"

Almost every building had denser arrangement of the facade columns than the ones bellow them. Therefore we were restricted to using large transition beams on the first superstructure level. We were supposed to find the compromise between architectural demands for underground level heights and space needed for all the cover layers above the topmost slab of the underground.

Another characteristic detail linked to all the buildings was cantilever on their roof rims. It was required for cantilever to bear huge snow load with minimum thickness. Additionally, the cantilever level was higher than the roof slab and we couldn't rely on rebar continuity. The problem was solved by designing composite structure of steel profiles and lightweight concrete in order to avoid any additional plastic deflection.

Among other interesting things tied to specific buildings I would single out section 2A with its large escalators passing trough two levels, and its atrium roof. In addition, in building 2B we were dealing with 25 meter long swimming pool with transparent roof above it, supported by big steel beams.

Structural modeling and CAD drafting were my main responsibilities on this project. Since all buildings are interconnected in the underground and each of them covers a large area, it wasn’t easy to deliver big and useful structural models and CAD drawings but I enjoyed the challenge.

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