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Dusan Biocanin Structural Software Developer

Residental Complex "Malaya Ordynka"

Assignments: BIM modeling, structural & dynamic analysis, formwork drawings

Although not very big, "Malaya Ordynka" was a really interesting project. At first glance design assignment seemed relatively easy, only to become very complicated due to site restrictions.


Location: 19 Malaya Ordynka St, Moscow
Number of levels:2+6
Total area:19 500 m2
Construction design: "MB-Project Bureau"
Design stage: "Design Drawings"
Architectural design: "ADM"
Investor: "Smayneks"

Since building site area was restrained by neighboring objects, "semi-top-down" method was the only logical construction solution and that imposed further requirements. Construction method and demand for work parallelization required forcing steel columns into underground, extended with concrete columns and walls in superstructure. Almost every step in design process required taking phasing and available construction methods in consideration.

Conversely, designing the superstructure was reasonably easier, with the exception of buildings cantilever part. Those slab segments are supported by thick console walls that go throughout the height of the building.

Taking into account different materials, their connections, additional piles and complex ramp geometry, BIM workflow proved itself very useful and made the design process considerably enjoyable.

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