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Dusan Biocanin Structural Software Developer

Residental Complex "Novoslobodskaya"

Assignments: BIM modeling, structural analysis, formwork drawings

Working on “Novoslobodskaya” project involved two tasks. The first was designing an office building with underground parking. The second was the reconstruction of neighboring object within the same complex.


Location: 24 Novoslobodskaya, Moscow
Number of levels:2+10
Total area:35 000 m2
Construction design: "MB-Project Bureau"
Design stage: "Design Drawings"
Architectural design: "ADM"
Investor:"Mebelynaya fabrika No1"

My responsibility regarding the office building was primarily structural analysis. With focus on that part of the design, I had opportunity to employ dimensioning algorithms I had designed using VBA. Resulting application BASA targeted problem with transitional facade beams on the first and second levels, due to their height limit and eccentric columns. BASA enabled me to shift from tiresome beam forces checking to elegant optimization.

Reconstruction of existing building in the complex was especially interesting. Architectural and contractor’s requirements included preserving two out of four facade walls, various floors and in addition to this, out of order construction of main vertical elements. That led to complicated construction phasing plan with eleven main phases with several subphases.

In order to comprehend and elaborate all the phases within the reconstruction process I relied on BIM design. Revit & Robot interoperability with additional structural modeling in Radimpex Tower made it easier for me to predict and solve construction problems.

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