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Dusan Biocanin Structural Software Developer

Business Complex "Nakhimovsky"

Assignments: BIM modeling, structural analysis, formwork drawings

Business complex "Nakhimovsky" was without a doubt the one that changed my way of thinking and gave me confidence in designing complex structures. I was responsible for both concept and detail design, and therefore I had opportunity to perceive almost all the work needed from conceptual design to finishing drawings.


Location: 21 Nakhimovsky Prospekt, Moscow
Number of Levels: 2+17
Total area: 36 000 m2
Construction design: "MB-Project Bureau"
Design stage: "Design Drawings" & "Shop Drawings"
Architectural design: "ADM"

Complexity of this structure was hidden in the ground it is resting on. Soil strength was very unevenly distributed, which led to diaphragm behavior of the buildings underground. All the underground elements needed to be thoroughly examined as all of them were confronting uneven settlements.

It is common for topmost underground slabs to have huge loads due to ground cover, landscape facilities or firetrucks. In this particular case, segment of the buildings underground was covered with almost five meters of earth, so we were not far away from reaching the shallow tunnel loads. Some of the columns were subjected to enormous biaxial moments and ordinary designing algorithms gave me no means to accurately determine their reinforcement. Therefore I designed a special application ( CID ) to gain precise insight in their stress state.

Building’s superstructure is centrally symmetric with cantilever slab parts on both ends. Since we had no space for increasing height of appropriate beams, we went for Vierendeel truss carrier type. Each end of the building contains three frames, carrying seventeen cantilever slabs. In order to satisfy architectural restriction of Vierendeel beams height, we pushed their bearing capacity to the limits.

Complexity of this structure demanded great thoroughness and gave me significant experience in return.

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