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Dusan Biocanin Structural Software Developer

Multifunctional Complex "Moscow Heart"

Assignments:BIM modeling, structural & dynamic analysis, formwork drawings

Project "Moscow Heart" is the biggest project I have worked on so far. It is a complex composed of four separate parts, all of which contain several buildings resting on spacious undergrounds. The usable area of these structures speaks for itself – it would take considerable amount of time to highlight even the most interesting design facts.


Location: 1 Shenogina St, Moscow
Number of levels:4+37
Total area: 835 000 m2
Construction design: "MB-Project Bureau"
Design stage: "Design Drawings"
Architectural design: Architectural workshop "SPeeCH"
Investor: "Donstroy"

Each of the four parts of the complex has a skyscraper that dominates the view. The main task was to properly compose superstructure walls with underground columns. This was achieved through mechanical levels, where we combined those elements in shear walls and obtained appropriate stress distribution. The skyscrapers were made rigid enough to satisfy lateral movement limits and to provide relatively small inertial forces in the higher levels. As a consequence of their height, all skyscrapers were resting on pile foundations.

Underground parts contain parking lots, shopping malls, recreation centers and mechanical sectors. All of them brought different design tasks and restrictions. By using BIM design approach I was able to establish smooth work tempo and provide myself with enough time to analyze specific problems. During the design we were dealing with large spans, massive beams, huge loads and interesting structures, such as swimming pools, escalators and ramps with complex geometry.

During one of my stays in Moscow I spent a lot of time at the construction site. I had full access to the site and was able to witness a lot of interesting construction methods. Seeing a project of such magnitude taken from digital form in Revit and made to reality was very satisfying.

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